Posted by: nancyca | February 5, 2007

It’s definately MONDAY!!

Well, my whole schedule got changed today. I started off this morning by leaving at 6:50am to take the boys to the vet to get ‘fixed’. The fog was so bad, I couldn’t see more than a car length at most in front of me. It’s a long drive too…but on the way home, it was much better thank goodness.

The vet called and while we knew that Bandit has a porto systemic shunt for his liver, we have just come to the conclusion that Niko has a liver issue as well. So, they will have to use the same anesthetic on both boys so that it won’t go through their livers.

Here’s a pic of my boys. Niko is sitting up and Bandit laying down:

Came home, got dd and took her to school. Then came in the house and ds was full blown sick again. This time, it’s a really bad chesty cough and plugged up. So, I cancelled my pool and regular PT, I cancelled our dental cleanings for this afternoon and I’ve got a cup of tea steeping.

I’ll be doing bedding and laundry instead today. AND disinfecting this house! Now, I KNOW how he got this one. His teacher has this and apparently she’s sharing it with her students. ugh… I talked to her this morning and we think she has bronchitis now…I told her to go home and get into her doctor. And quit infecting the kids!!

I just had ds at the doc yesterday and he said it’s definately a virus and to give him Robitussin during day to help thin stuff out and give Delsym at night to stop the cough so he can sleep and give Motrin if he runs a fever. My poor baby.

SO! I pray that this is the END of this crap in my house! pray2 Dd and I have had it twice, ds is on his second bought and dh has had the intestinal crud. ENOUGH!

The doctor yesterday said that this has been a really bad year for the viruses. I said…DO YOU THINK? rofl

I’M READY FOR SPRING so that this crud will go away!!!

Okay…I feel better now. Thank you for listening. lol I’m off to the laundry room!



  1. those puppies are so cute. I wish that all of you could get over the sickness you all have its terrible to keep it around so long.

  2. Andrea…it’s like this in all the schools and neighbors and families, etc. This entire city is just sick!

    I’m ready for spring to take it all away.

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