Posted by: nancyca | January 31, 2007

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Been a busy morning, but until about 3:30 I can sit and crochet on my H and D afghan. I truly want to finish it today as tomorrow I will be starting this one as an afghan-along on my crochet group.

I already have one skein into this new afghan as I just wanted to make sure how it was going to look.

I also need to start on another pineapple babyghan. This one will be pink! I’ve done so many blues and greens the past year for boys that I am SOO ready for a pink one! Here’s one that I did a few months ago:

They are sooo pretty and oh so easy as it is all repeats. It is my fave baby afghan to make for sure. LOVE those pineapples!!

Took a pic of my babies last night. They were NOT happy about it as I had put new sweatshirts on Niko and Bandit. Niko stood in the middle of the floor for 1/2 hour like a statue. He had NO idea what to do with this ‘thing’ on him. lol Bandit did that for about 15 minutes then got back to his bouncy self. Lucy…well…she’s my girl and she put up with sitting with the boys for the pic. You’ll notice that her hair is growing back out and needs her schnauzie cut whereas the boys just got all their puppy hair shaved off. They look a bit funny, but they are still my boys.

Lucy is on the left, Niko in the middle and Bandit on the right:

Well, I’m signing off for now. I’d love to hear from you all!




  1. LOl they are way to cute.I am 2 skeins into the one that starts tomorrow. I found the pineapple one I started hm ions ago like august now just need to find the pattern that goes with it.


  2. Nancy
    your dogs are really cute!
    your afghans are pretty I love the pineapple one. Pineapples are my fav.
    You see I fixed my link

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