Posted by: nancyca | January 29, 2007

Good Monday morning!

Dh is off to WA state this week, dd is already off to school and I’m getting ready so that I can walk ds over to school. I have a very busy day today. Bank, Costco, Cost Plus, grocery shopping, then home to make phone calls, pay more bills and get packages ready to go to the post office tomorrow. I’m hoping to have it all done before lunch time too!

I am almost finished with my Hearts and Diamond afghan. I’m hoping to get in some good crocheting this afternoon/eve so that I can finish it up.

Big hugs and have a wonderful day everyone!



  1. You are way to funny, You and your Johnny boy. I hope you got everything you wanted to get done today. Have a great night.


  2. LOL Andrea! Well, I got about 75% of it done. I’ll get the other 25% done tomorrow. It’s just grocery shopping and Home Depot.

    Are you crocheting tonight with me on H and D??

  3. Oh Lord I am suppose to be doing it lol. I swear it takes me longer to count the 201 up and down each side than it does to do one strip lol. I would like to finish the last strip and at least do white on one of them. Its already after 10 here so who knows what I will accomplish.


  4. Here’s the easy way to do the 201 without really ‘counting’ too hard. Put 2 in each dc side, then add an extra one after the first 3 fifty. Does that make sense? You’re just adding 3 extras.

  5. sure does but Im finished with all that now LOL. I have all the heart strips done, the white completely done on one of them. The narrow ones dont take as long so I hope to finishe that tonite I would love to be able to put it together tonite as well then only have the border to do tomorrow but that is probably wishing way to much lol.

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