Posted by: nancyca | December 21, 2006

I cannot believe it’s been 8 months!!

Has it really been 9 months since I was here last? Egads! Someone slap my hands!

Well, here’s a quick update on where I’ve been.

5 Puppies were born May 19th to my girl Lucy
I hand fed 2 runts for a month, one passed, one survived and I continued hand feeding for another month
We started home improvements (replacing carpets downstairs with laminate oak flooring). We did it all ourselves
We had family over the summertime
kids started school
sick kids
dd had knee surgery in Nov
I have a gs troop
cross stitching
more crocheting
Christmas coming in 5 days
Mom and Daddy will be here in 3 days for a week (can’t wait!)
I’m exhausted!!!

I’m hoping that starting January I will be able to start updating regularly again.

Hugs to all!! Please comment and let me know where your blogs are so I can link up to them.


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