Posted by: nancyca | February 1, 2006

I got BLOG TAGGED for the first time by EVA

1. 4 Jobs you’ve had in your life:–Mgr of a body shop for 4 years–Mgr and bookkeeper for an automotive paint store–inventory keeper of a huge furniture warehouse–making hard drives at Seagate Technologies

2. 4 Movies you could watch over and over ? Any Lucille Ball movie–either Mummy movie–The Ghost and Mrs. Muir–pretty much anything with the old comedians (Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Tony Randall…need I go on?)

3. 4 Places you have lived ?–Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kentucky, California

4. 4 TV programmes you love to watch! ?–the original CSI– House–Medium–Desperate Housewives

5. 4 Places you have been on Holiday ?–Nevada, , Ohio, Colorado, California

6. 4 Websites you visit daily ?– Yahoo Groups– Bloglines– EZboard bulletin boards– Crochetville

7. 4 of your Favourite Foods ?– beef stroganoff– lasagna– chicken and rice– chocolate sorbet!

8. 4 Places you would rather be right now ?– actually no where else. I love being here (in Oregon) as we just moved here 5 months ago

9. 4 Bloggers you are going to tag? ( Hope they don’t mind 🙂 )– Viv — Olga and I’ll have to think about the other two….

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