Posted by: nancyca | January 30, 2006

I got stash today! Woohoo! I had started The Lord’s Prayer by My Big Toe Designs (xstitch) a couple of weeks ago, but the OD fabric smelled really strongly like bad soap. I tried fabreezing it, but that didn’t even help!

Today, I got fabric from Silkweaver’s (my fave place!) called Days Gone By 32 count linen and I also got Crescent Colors (od threads) in the colors of Spinach and Manor Red. I think it’s going to look wonderful. I’m stitching it for my parent’s 60th anniversary in late Feb. I know…I know…NOT a lot of time. But, I’m going to stitch as much as I can on it and if it’s done, it’s done. If it’s not, they will get it a bit later.

Here’s the fabric and floss together. The fabric is really much darker than this shows:

*click to enlarge*

Well, I’m off! But everyone that knows me already knew that!


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