Posted by: nancyca | January 3, 2006

Well, today the kids go back to school. I’m going to miss them terribly as they’ve been home on holiday for 2 1/2 weeks. They were at the point of starting to get bored yesterday, so I know they are looking forward to being at school and seeing their friends, etc.. We’ve been having floods and terrible rain (we love it though) the past week, so they couldn’t even go outside to play.

I started a new afghan for ME on Sunday. It is called Lace and Bobbles. I’m doing it on a CAL (crochet-a-long) with ladies at Crochetville. Here’s the button I made up for it:

I am truly loving working on it. I will be starting row 22 tonight. I am just using yarns that I have around the house to stitch it.

Other than that, I will be getting my house stuff done and a few errands out and about this morning after walking ds to school. Then I will be able to work on the hospice square after lunch until the kids come home from school. I’m actually looking forward to getting a routine down again, but still will miss the kids.

Have a great day everyone!!


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