Posted by: nancyca | March 23, 2005

Good morning everyone! We got some snow last night! LOVED IT!! But, alas, even though it’s snowing this morning, it’s really wet and not sticking. This is only our second snow this season and that is really weird for where we live.

Anywhooo….I was gone for 4 days to Santa Cruz, CA. My father was in the hospital (he’s out now) and dh’s oldest niece got married as well. That was a hard one as she was only 3 when WE got married!! It was a beautiful ceremony though.

I started a new afghan for a friend’s daughter’s 16th bday (Kristin), but didn’t like how big the popcorns were on it. That said, I will be starting a new pattern today for her. If I don’t like something, I don’t stitch it. What’s the point?

Haven’t gotten much stitching in the past week with all going on, but will this week. It’s spring vaca for the kids and we don’t have to go anywhere!! Yipppeeee!!!

Hugs to all!!!


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